ITS is a multi-ethnic food and beverage trading company situated in the heart of Milan, Italy. Constituted in 2000 a.d it has established itself as one of the most successful and renowned importers and distributors of ethnic food and drink products from Asia, with distribution now reaching throughout Europe.
For the past five years, ITS has established itself as a prominent and professional exporter of Italian food and drinks products into Asia and Europe. Building on its experience and know-how in this sector, we offer a full consolidation service and pride ourselves on the service, efficiency and pricing competitiveness in the market place.
ITS has relationships with over 550 Italian food and wine producers and we pride ourselves in our ability to source and package any Italian product upon request. This is unique in the marketplace. We source, package, consolidate and execute orders with the utmost efficiency and transparency. We offer the guarantee that our own brand products are produced in Italy and are sourced from the highest quality crops and producers. We pride ourselves on the elegance and quality of our branded products.


ADAM CLEARY  worked in the international banking sector from 1987 until 1999. He headed up the Equity trading desk in Milan for UBS Investment bank and then at Deutsche Investment Bank and retired from international banking in the year 1999 to start up and capitalize on a series of entrepreneurial activities. In 2002, he founded a Design and Packaging company in London, with a number of patented solutions, called Burgopak limited. This company continues to successfully trade and has won many design and packaging awards on a European and global stage.The company has international reach winning large contracts in Europe, USA and Australasia. In 1999, he opened the RANGOLI Indian restaurant in Milan, Italy, which has been very successful and enjoys the reputation of being one of the finest Indian restaurants in Milan: he opened a second Indian restaurant in 2004 and a third in 2006, which are equally successful. Warming to the ethnic theme, in 2000 he started an ethnic wholesale business in Milan to import and distribute ethnic food products in Italy and to the European continent. Several of his own brand trademarks have had success in penetrating a competitive market and today India Trading srl is one of the largest ethnic wholesalers in Italy Recognizing the ability to apply his Know-how and expertise in this field he has been working for the past year to study the opportunity to start exporting Italian food and beverage products to Asia and the Far East. Italian food and wines are famous, sought after across the world, and with his new start-up company, ITS srl, he feels confident that there is a vast and lucrative market to play for. The presence of Italian food, wines and beverages across Asia and the Far East is relatively tiny, but he feels that growth and penetration are inevitable over a short period with the Asian economies educating for more international tastes and experience.
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